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Educational Children's Books


Teena and Deena: Hide and Seek


5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite

Teena and Deena: Hide and Seek is a children’s animal picture book written by CC Strachan and illustrated by Christina Rudenko. Teena wants to teach her little sister, Deena, how to be a whiz at playing hide and seek. She doesn’t think Deena has any idea how to hide effectively, so Teena’s going to do her best to help her out. The first thing Deena needs to do is to get a wagon and an okapi. This suggestion had Deena seriously questioning her sister’s ability to teach her anything. Teena explained that okapis are really good at hiding, so Deena’s best option was to learn from one of them. The only problem is that okapis live in the Congo. At that, Deena’s ready to complain to her mom. The Congo? Okapis? Can Teena explain her way out of this one?

Final Front Cover-GodRela.jpg
Is God My Imaginary Friend: Is God Real?


Finalist in the 10th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

Finalist at Readers Favorite Awards.

How do you know that God is real? This is hard enough to explain to an adult, but how do you answer such a question for a child? In Is God My Imaginary Friend? author C. C. Strachan simplifies apologetics into illustrated children’s rhymes. 

“Your five senses can tell you much, but some things are just a hunch,” Daddy responds to his little boy. As he explains each sense, readers are invited to interact in the discussion, and slowly but surely the father illuminates how you can know God exists even though you can’t see him.

Closing with a prayer to Jesus, this book invites children and adults alike on a simple, spiritual journey that transforms how you experience the world and your faith.

5 Star Review:

Strachan’s storybook does an admirable job of explaining faith and God in a story filled with whimsy, humor and devotion. Is God My Imaginary Friend? is highly recommended. --Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

The World of Letters: A Tale of Jealousy


5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite

Finalist in the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

In the virtual world of AbbaLand, I is one of the most popular of the twenty-six letters. Words like iPhone and iPad have made I a star!

A isn’t happy about this. He dreams of being the most used letter in the English alphabet, but right now he has to be content being in third place. He also hates how humble I is about his fame. A loves bragging and doesn’t understand why other letters don’t care about their popularity.

A and his friend E conspire to get rid of I once and for all! The two rebellious letters, however, will soon find out just how important each letter is. No one in AbbaLand is replaceable, and A and E will have to understand the values of friendship and humility if they want to bring peace and order back to the land.

Jesus Saves the Day: Hip, Hip Hooray


Jesus saves the day! Hip Hip Hooray!   Is C.C. Strachan's second debut about God's plan to save the world.  Come read about the story of love told with simplicity and creative rhymes your child will enjoy reading.  Wonderfully illustrated, Jesus saves the day  will capture the attention and bring an awareness of God's love for us, to everyone that reads it.  


The author closes the book with a prayer that allows your little one to surrender all to Him.

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